Transparent Blade

due to the 3D technology, the blades of the MOSE are extremely radio transparent if compared with the standard one.

the smooth honeycomb structure, guarantee an incremented transparency, and a gently fixation on the tissue, preserving the organs and nerves in case of contact

Solid Structure

full titanium structure, rigid, light and radio transparent.

Initial Hole diameter  19mm

possibility to retract independently every blade of 10mm and inclinate of 10° to obtain the required operating area

Innovative material, to increment the radio transparency to facilitate the surgeon job.

3D chassis to reduce the material, reduce the weight, increment the transparency, with a rigid and reliable structure

Tissue Dissector

10 mm

12 mm

16 mm

19 mm

Intra-discal Anchor

17 mm

Vertebral Body Pin fixation

17 mm

Mose Blade extension

20 mm

MOSE Blades

170 mm

150 mm

130 mm

110 mm

080 mm