Facet Fusion System

The system FILICUDI, easy to place and safe offer a strong and reliable fixation of the facet articulation, strongly reducing the mobility of the facett joint,The surface is realized using the bonegrow® technology that guarantee a fast and consistent  fusion rate to guarantee a perfect posterior fusion.Filicudi have to be used in combination with posterior or interbody devices, is compatible with all the interbody cage and interspinous fusion system Giglio, or the Interlaminar fusion system Ischia


360° fusion

The Ischia interlaminar system is studied to be used also in combination with other devices, is possible to be implanted in combination with the FILICUDI facette system, but also with any interbody cage, DLIF, PLIF, TLIF and ALIF.offering the perfect 360° stability with the highest fusion rate on the market thanks to the Boneingrow ® technology

Compact instruments

Compact set with all required instruments. Optional instruments available for endplate preparation and bone decompression procedure.