TRI® Friction

TRI® Friction

Every Abutment featuring TRI®-Friction flares at one degree from its apex to the coronal aspect, creating a frictional fit between implant and abutment hex. The frictional implant-abutment connection ensures maximum abutment stability while at the same time eliminating potential microgaps and micromovement within the framework of a platform-switching approach. This connection has considerable influence on the stability of the hard tissues in the critical crestal area of the bone. The associated restorative concept uses only a single platform (3.5 mm) for three different implant diameters (3.7, 4.1, 4.7 mm), which underscores the viability and performance of this concept aimed at preserving a stable bone structure – ultimately laying the foundation for a consistent and sustainable soft-tissue management effort. The soft-tissue management itself is supported by an emergence profile that covers all components, from impression post and healing cap to the final abutment (TRI Soft-Tissue Concept).